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"A Celebration of all things Sinanju."

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A Message from Chiun, Reigning
Master of Sinanju

This so-called "Celebration of all things Sinanju" is a sham, a gross misrepresentation of the truth. This webpage is not about the beauty and glory that is the house of Sinanju; it is, instead, dedicated to the scriblings of those two white hacks known as Murphy and Sapir.

It is just another example of the racist attacks I have been forced to endure during my stay on these foreign shores. By reading these pages, you will learn little of Sinanju, that glorious pearl of the orient, haven to all which is good and just in this cruel world. Instead, you will be bored with trivia and pictures of the substandard series of action adventure novels, known to the common rabble as, "The Destroyer," which some claim to be loosely based on the adventures of myself, and those of my white lackey.

Continue on only at your own peril, remember, you have been warned!


With moderate tolerance, I am


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You are soul #   to be granted the glories of Sinanju.

Where will you visit first?


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